Raging Bullets “Direct Shot” by Ryan Eddie Edmends 

DC Direct JUSTICE Captain Cold.

Sculpted by Mike Locasio  

“We’ve Been Gone Awhile” – Captain Cold 

The opening line to the Geoff Johns and Scott Kolins FINAL CRISIS tie in “Rogues Revenge” as it the return of the two creators to the flash universe and the Rogues return to Keystone City.  

But that isn’t the only return Len Snart (Captain Cold) is making of recent. His returned to the wonderful world of plastic with the new DC Direct figure (The last Captain Cold figure was DCDirect figure from July 2001) 

This figure though comes from the “Justice” line based on the art of Alex Ross. It is the classic style of Cold with more a silver age feel, mainly with the cold gun. 

Sculpt: The Sculpt by Mike is brilliant; Mike has handled most of the Justice line has not let us down here. The head, often the trickiest part in creating an accurate likeness is spot on and complete (It would be easy to slack with the hood up) the face perfectly captures Lens villainess side without making him evil. His got the look of a guy you’d have a beer with but wouldn’t invite him back to your house. 

His suit is nicely done look like a snowsuit would, if you didn’t touch it you would believe it was fluffy.  

The belt I like because if you know the design of cold you know he has a thick belt, but the way it is sculpted certain parts of it leans to different sides giving you a feeling if real it would move with cold.  

The icy shoulder shawl and gun holster, though simple, complete the perfect look for old CC. The only downside to the figures sculpt is small stick out plastic edging of Colds glasses. 

Paint: Paint job is fine. Though nothing flashy it works perfect for the figure. Blue shading on the shawl is nice. As is the 5 o’clock shadow on Colds face. His glasses have a nice metallic shine.

I would have liked more paint on the buckles but it’s a small nitpick 

Plastic: DCDirect’s basic solid type for the main body, limbs and head. The shawl, hood and gun holster are a soft rubber helping make the figure more easily posed. 

Articulation: is nothing “Flash” (pardon the pun). It’s your basic DC Direct design. Head ball joint, shoulder ball joints, Elbow, forearm, hip, knee and shin swivel. 

Extras: Len comes with the Basic Justice stand, as seen with the rest of the Justice line, Len also comes with his Cold Gun, though not my favourite design of the cold gun it is comic accurate with a nice red shine 

Overall this is a well-made toy, a must for any flash collector or fan of the rogues. One of the best works DCDirect has put out this year. This figure makes me feel bad about the Justice line ending…but it also has me pumped for the Alex Ross JSA line. 

Extra Reading: If you like this figure of Captain Cold I’m sure you picked up the Final Crisis tie in Rogues Revenge. The title has been a great look by scribe Geoff Johns at the Flash villains, especially Captain Cold. It takes dealing with farther son issues to a whole new level