Tales of the Teen Bullet

By Steve C. 

Chapter Two – Secret Files and Origins (or Born on a Tuesday) 

      On a cool November 7th, 1989 afternoon, a baby boy was born who would one day grow up to write a world-renowned column hosted by RagingBullets.com. Well, maybe not world-renowned, but I’m getting there. Anyway, flash-forward almost two years, where Young Steven receives his first comic book. That book was X-Men No. 1 by Chris Claremont and Jim Lee. I even have said issue to this day. Unfortunately it is in the worst condition a comic can possibly be in and still be considered a comic book.

      As the years rolled on Young Steven became a casual fan, picking up issues of a few sporadic Marvel titles every now and then. Though he wanted to be a full-time reader, there were no comic shops in Young Steven’s town, so he had to make due with the random issues he would find at local grocery stores.

      The years passed on by until Young Steven was around the age of 14 or 15. While on vacation he picked up a couple issues of JLA, as he had been enjoying the current cartoon series. These two issues changed Young Steven’s life. He immediately went to his local Borders and began regularly picking up comics like Green Arrow and The Flash (his two favorite characters). As he read all the DC books he could, Young Steven began to transform into Steve C. He got all the trades out from his local library and even read the DC Encyclopedia from cover to cover.

      About one year later, a comic shop opened up in his city. Steve C. was overjoyed. This shop opened Steve C. up to books that he couldn’t find at Borders and expanded his DC Universe readings immensely.

      Approximately one more year later, Steve C. hit another milestone. After hearing the book espoused on many a comics podcast, Steve C. chose to pick up Fables for the first time. The book quickly became one of his favorites and opened his eyes to the Vertigo imprint.

      All of these factors (and a few retcons) have created the Steve C. that you all know and love (and read).

      Now you (my loyal readers) might ask, “Steve C., how did you come to write this column?” The answer is very long and pretty boring, but I will tell you this. About one year ago I began listening to podcasts. At first it was just Comic Geek Speak and a few NPR podcasts. Then podcasts like Around Comics and (of course) Raging Bullets began cropping up. I wanted to get involved. “But how can I make a podcast if I don’t have any of the required equipment?” Easy, make what I call a “weblog,” an original idea in which words are written down rather than recorded. “But if I start writing a ’blog, how will I get people to read it?” Easy, mooch off of an already established audience. TA DA! “Tales of the Teen Bullet” was born.

      Well there you go. Chapter Two in the never-ending saga. We’re going to start getting into the meat and potatoes of the column next week. I want to thank some people now. First off, Sean and Jim for making an awesome show and for graciously hosting this column.

      Next I would like to thank Matthew Guy. Matthew gave me some constructive criticism on my first column, which I very much appreciate. I know that this week’s column is kind of short too, but I figured since this is my origin story I’d keep it short, so as not to bore you all to tears. Don’t worry though, I’ll have plenty to say next week.

      Finally, I’d like to thank my fellow columnist Raph for steali – I mean borrowing my idea this week. No, in all seriousness it’s nice to inspire the person who inspired me. To be honest I was hoping Raph and I would have some sort of rivalry between our columns, where we just insult each other all the time, but I guess Raph is too nice of a guy.

      With that said, I figured I would “borrow” one on Raph’s mainstays this week. For the first and last time, here is Steve C.’s Raging Bullet of the Week (unless my loyal readers like this segment, in which case I will permanently adopt it and pretend it was my idea in the first place). My pick for this week was Teen Titans No. 41. The end. (I guess you all now know why I don’t do a review column.)

      Anyway, that’s it for this week. As always you can e-mail me at Riffmaster89@aol.com or IM me at Riffmaster89 or PM at Esteban89 on the Comic Geek Speak forums. Check back here in approximately seven days for Chapter Three. Until then, hang loose and, as always, be on the lookout for mace-wielding Hawkman fans. 

Steve C. is the author of “Tales of the Teen Bullet” – Chapter One. He recently submitted his first three college applications and has what Sigmund Freud would call an unhealthy fixation with the Legion of Super-Heroes. Mmmm…Saturn Girl. 

Next Week: Steve C. tackles the ever-present problem of comic book finances.