Tales of the Teen Bullet

By Steve C. 

Chapter One – Introductions 

      Shalom my fellow Bulleteers and how are you? As some of you know, my name is Steve C. aka Esteban89 on the forum. After Raph’s Column was introduced onto our beloved Raging Bullets website, I started to wonder how I could contribute to the ever growing online comics community. I started to wonder if there was anything about me that would set my world view apart from the other comic book analyses out there. With the thousands of podcasts out there, I was fairly certain that all corners of the comic book world were covered. Then I realized that there was little, if any, content on the net that looks at comics from the perspective of a younger reader. No, I don’t mean eight- and nine-year-olds, I’m referring more to the teenaged demographic. You know, that age group that everyone who doesn’t read comics assumes the “funny books” are aimed at. As most of us know, this isn’t very true. In fact, the teenaged reader has become somewhat of a “silent minority.” Ten, even twenty, years ago comics were aimed toward teens, but as that generation matured, comics seem to have matured with them.

      I myself am indeed a teenager. I just recently turned seventeen, and am currently applying to colleges. Rather than spend my time writing the college essays that are allegedly an important part of the application process, I’ve chosen to spend my time doing more constructive things, such as writing this column. The question may be asked, “Do you, Steve, feel like an outsider in the comic book world?” The answer is no. While images in comics certainly seem more graphic nowadays (take almost all of Infinite Crisis as an example [P.S. I loved Infinite Crisis. I’m not trying to bash it]), such images are seen more and more in our everyday news. I believe that certain writers can grasp the tasteful use of graphic images more than others. And with them at the wheel, I think comics can take the younger audience, as well as the more mature, on one heck of a ride.

      Well that was my first foray into the public eye. This week’s column was short (or maybe long [contact me with your opinion]) and perhaps somewhat lacking in what the elite would call “content,” but all that is about to change. I have plenty of topics lined up for future installments of “Tales of the Teen Bullet.” Feel free to please contact me. You can shoot me a PM over on the forum, once again my user name is Esteban89, or you can e-mail me at Riffmaster89@aol.com (my aim name is Riffmaster89 as well). You can send me comments, topics suggestions, criticisms, or even remarks on my overuse of parentheses and other types of brackets. Look forward in the weeks ahead to the observations on various topics from the mind of a certified teenage comic fan. 

Steve C. is a senior at his local high school in Annapolis, Maryland. He has wanted to contribute to the online comic community for a long time. Hopefully his self-imposed headlines will keep this column regular. 

Next Week-ish: The Origin of Steve C. and the column you are currently reading.