New Rules Column #3


Top 5 Things about Marvel




Matthew G. Guy


May 25, 2007


Sorry for the few weeks delay but various computer problems & family obligations keep me away from putting a column out as planned.  But now is the time to list the top five things about Marvel.

5        The Icon line & Ultimate Universe

This expansion from the main 616 universe in Marvel to go beyond to additional Ultimate Universe where anything can happen & a creator playground for writers & artists with the Icon brand examples of this Criminal & Powers makes Marvel a stronger brand.

4        The Cartoons

While I like some Superfriends & Superman cartoons,   I remember fondly the Incredible Hulk & Spidey & His Amazing friends of the 80s to the Spider-Man & X-Men cartoons of the 90’s .  Marvel Entertainment expanded their main characters to new fans that knew of little of Marvel comics prior to the cartoons.  It made me seek out Marvel Saga, Incredible Hulk & Spider-Man Comics in the process.

3        Fast Trade Policy

Marvel beats DC hands down in putting out the trade of the main universe titles.  Two months pass after a arc or miniseries ends and in most cases the trade is out on the stands.  This keeps Marvel ahead of DC in trades with a faster trade policy that helps the company over its main rival.

2        The willingness to take risk with characters

Civil War changed everything in the Marvel universe.   The willingness to have events that change the universe and make them last for a while and to take risks with Captain America, Spider-Man, Hulk & others shows Marvel can shake things up.

1    The Movies & Cross Promotion

 From Punisher (the one with Thomas Jane) & Daredevil (the director’s cut) to the Spidey trilogy the movies make Marvel lots of money and entertain many fans in recent years.  It makes me & I am sure other fans to seek out further adventures in the comics they have to offer.  Example Spider-Man 3 comes out and shortly after the movie ended I purchased the Amazing Spider-Man of 40 years + of comics on DVD & The Birth of Venom trade to continue in Spidey’s adventures as everyone web slinger. 

In closing, Marvel has its faults to be fair but overall Marvel is a solid rival for DC & other comic companies that challenge them to provide a better product to its consumers.  Time will tell if Marvel will continue this trend successful or not but so far I am very impressed with Marvel commitment to its brand—comics, movies, cartoons & anything else they have planned in the future. 

The next column will be focused on indies but will not released on a set timetable as previous columns.  So until then take care & enjoy reading comics—DC, Marvel or Indie.


Copyright 2007 Matthew G. Guy