New Rules Column #2 

The Top 5 books of the DC Universe & Trying Out New Titles  


Matthew G. Guy 

April 13, 2007 

The top five books from DC Universe you should be reading: 

   5) The Brave & The Bold by Mark Waid & George Perez for changing a Batman teamup title for a new tag team up approach to solve a mystery spotlighting two DC heroes (Batman & Green Lantern plus Green Lantern & Supergirl) with more DC heroes in the background aiding in the story.  Great art with a interesting story to match it with two issues in leaves me & my fellow fans waiting to see what happens next in this star filled title inside the book & the two contributing to it being a A+ title, Waid & Perez. 

   4)Action Comics by Geoff Johns with various artists.  This is the better monthly of the two main Superman titles.  From one year later opening arc to the return of three well known villains from Krypton in the DC Universe.  Geoff Johns makes this title (including Action Comics annual #10) a must read for any fan of quality writing.  Even with the delays related to the artist and missing deadlines  for the current story arc  is still worth the wait unless something goes way off with more delays.  However the most recent fillin issue #847 is still worthy of much praise in my book. 

   3) Wonder Woman #5  I usually do not spotlight single issues but in this case I will make a exception.  This issue spotlights a real issue domestic abuse against women.  Say what you will about the first fours and the long delays but this issue bridges the gap into making Wonder Woman a important figure.  I look forward to the writing of Jodi Picoult & soon after that Gail Simone on a flagshup.  I do hope however that a story wraping up the first arc will be finished with six months. 

   2) Fables by Bill Willingham with various artists showcase a universe that uses public domain characters weaving complex yet intruging tale for a Vertigo book.  It was selected as a Comic Geek Speak book of the month selection and sixty issues in it still going strong.  Caution:  This is a Mature Readers title ie do NOT give to kids.  This book is for mature adults. 

  1. Justice Society of America Geoff Johns and Dale Eaglesham reboot the  title following Infinite Crisis.  This is Johnís ďbestĒ work that he is putting out there from DC. Yes even better than his work on Action Comics (this coming from a Superman fan), his long long run on Teen Titans & Green Lantern.  I sincerely believe that Johns understands these characters better than any writer can that DC has on the payroll currently.  The opening arc had lots of action, the new characters (Liberty Belle, Cyclone) & old favorites (the first Flash Jay Garrick & Hawkman) that made me read the previous run of JSA in trade form also by Johns.  I am eagerly awaiting the Justice Society & Justice League crossover team up that starts with the next issue of this title #5 & #8 of Justice League of America. 

A closing thought on trying new titles from DC or indies.  Give a chance to a title that is outside the normal reading.  For me it is Robin a Batman famly book that delivers on every issue since OYL.  As my two favorite horror titles (Friday the 13th & Nightmare on Elm Street) from Wildstorm are ending their short rund in May & June.  I will try horror indie titles like the Walking Dead in trade (Mature Readers) or various other titles.  I am also trying Madame Mirage writer is Paul Dini  & artist is Kenneth Rocafort (the same one that writes Detective Comics & DCís next megaevent Countdown) from Top Cow publishing starting in May. Also with Green Arrow #75  wrapping up its long run (note a Green Arrow miniseries is slated in July) but I will also try The Atom writer Gail Simone and art by Mike Norton in its place starting in June with issue 12. I also will try G.I. JOE: Americaís Elite #25 slated for July 5th  from Devilís Due Publishing.   

My point is to try something different and get out of the rut of reading the same set of titles every month. Because there is something out there for you and it could be your new favorite title. 

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