New Rules Column #1 

The state of the DCU:  the problems & the promise  


Matthew G. Guy 

March 31, 2007 

First a little information about myself.  I have been a DC Comics fan (or member of the Nation regularly since 1986) but I picked up various issues of Superman or Batman titles around 1983 but I was not hooked into Superman until John Byrneís Superman number 1 (1987) when the title was rebooted along w/ Action Comics  and a new super title was added called Adventures of Superman post Crisis on Infinite Earths universe.  Since then I have about 95%+ of every title since the reboot so I enjoyed Superman titles (yea I take the good years with the bad years).  But as DC Comics fan I got hooked into events from the past Legends, Millenium, and even Zero Hour to todayís era of the big event series from DC ComicsóIndentity Crisis, Infinite Crisis,OYL,52 and mini events in bewteen.  Going from 3 to 4 titles a month just Superman mainly a few years ago to 25 to 30 DC (w/ a few Marvel & indie titles for good measure) titles including various miniseries, Wildstorm horror, or Vertigoís DMZ, Fables/Jack of Fables.  Plus from time to time I wait for the trade or HC to be released of a top notch series (or mini-series).  You can contact me via email at matthewguyiii (at) or find me on the CGS forums under mguy1977 to share your feedback if you wish.  So I hope you find this column of enjoyable after reading it from start to finish.  

This is a column that will not be filled with in depth reviews on comics (Editorís Note see Bulletpoints reviews for that)  but rather my opinons on comics in general in the DC universe and spotlight series in general. So lets this column started by tacking the tough issues head on.  

The DC Universe has been plagued with delays since post Infinite Crisis.  Action Comics is late, Wonder Woman is really late & All Star Batman #5 coming out in May 16th; I hope so but I am not holding my breath on that to happen.  To be fair DC Comics has had much success with 52 miniseries (that has come out on time), a return to a classic series Brave & the Bold with Waid & Perez along with much success in the Wildstorm & Vertigo universe including Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Steet, Fables/Jack of Fables & DMZ.  I wanted to make a change within DC Comics at the reader level so I did just that.  I wrote a letter to the publisher & editors at DC for answers to my concerns.  Only time will tell if a get reply back from them.   

The classic logo I remember as a kid growing up in the 1980sí was the following: 

DC it is where the action is. 

I suggest a updated version of that in the current era of late writers, even more late artists, & editors asleep at the helm. 

DC Comics:  Get the dang book out on time!

*(editorís note:  see 52 for results) 

The truth of the matter is DC Comics is a company owned by Time Warner.  It has better financial standing than its rival Marvel.  If it wanted it could hire more better qualified writers, artists & yes editors also to get the job done right the first time. To give the flagship titles under the DC banner the proper treatment they deserveóSuperman,Batman & Wonder Woman.  Treat the A+ stars at the company the same you would the hard workers of the company that get the job done without delay and if you do have problems speak up & ask for help.  It is not a crime to ask for help at work  just do not make habit of it. DC Comics (inc. Vertigo & Wildstorm) should have a policy on the products they solclit in previews (see Doctor Fate series 1 & 2 orders canceled (still listed on DCís website) or Wonder Woman HC).  Honor the solclitations you put in there otherwise your word is meanless to us the customer and if that happens repeatly we as fans will not care as much to what you are offering on a monthly basis (exceptions are serious illness, death in the immediate family, your child has a serious illness NOT I have other projects in tv or movies and they come first or I just do not feel like working on it today).  That does not cut in my book.  If you make a promise to DC (or Marvel) honor it and stand by your word and the quality of the work you do.   

The promise for great potental is vast with Manhunter returning to a monthly aftering being on the chopping block twice only after fans intervined & management at DC thought to give the series a second chance.  With Green Arrow ending with issue 75 I am more likely to try out new titles like Gail Simone & Mike Nortonís The Atom.  Geoff Johns Booster Gold series a try for something different from one of the head writers of the DC universe. 

In closing I add three toughest New Rules out there for DC Nation. 

Give me a break with the mega events: Identity Crisis, 4 pre-Infinite Crisis minis & Infinite Crisis, OYL, 52, WWIII and soon to be Countdown.  After Countdown issue zero comes out in May 2008 give me 6 to 9 months for a breather for my wallet on the big events.  I am not your piggy bank that you can break every year for the hot new event out there. 

Superman needs more titles yes The Man of Steel.  He gets the top list treatment at Warner Brothers in the movie deptment but when it comes to DC Comics Superman gets just two core main titles Superman & Action Comics.  How about a DC Comics Presents for Superman & fill in the blank character here every month or close to it.   Cancel Superman/Batman with delays and since Loeb when to work at Marvel the book is just not the same any more I dropped the series with issue 32.  Also put on the chopping block or retool Supergirl to a top book again.  Since Loeb & Rucka left the title I left with them.  

And my final new rule in this column is put out a monthly title of Power Girl.  You leave her in the Justice Society but give her more exposure in the universe with a title of her own with top writers and artists (that can get the job done month in and month out like clock work). 

In closing if you want to share your opinon with DC Comics you can write them a letter (good job, bad job, whatever you like) at the following address 

                        DC Comics Inc.


And if would you like to contact me you can find me on the CGS forums under mguy1977 or my email is matthewguyiii at    

A new column comes out April 13th & thanks for reading. 


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