This is a new column by listener Matthew Guy and we are thrilled to host it here at Raging Bullets.

First a little information about myself.  I have been a DC Comics fan (or member of the Nation regularly since 1986) but I picked up various issues of Superman or Batman titles around 1983 but I was not hooked into Superman until John Byrne’s Superman number 1 (1987) when the title was rebooted along w/ Action Comics  and a new super title was added called Adventures of Superman post Crisis on Infinite Earths universe.  Since then I have about 95%+ of every title since the reboot so I enjoyed Superman titles (yea I take the good years with the bad years).  But as DC Comics fan I got hooked into events from the past Legends, Millennium, and even Zero Hour to today’s era of the big event series from DC Comics—Identity Crisis, Infinite Crisis,OYL,52 and mini events in between.  Going from 3 to 4 titles a month just Superman mainly a few years ago to 25 to 30 DC (w/ a few Marvel & indie titles for good measure) titles including various miniseries, Wildstorm horror, or Vertigo’s DMZ, Fables/Jack of Fables.  Plus from time to time I wait for the trade or HC to be released of a top notch series (or mini-series).  You can contact me via email at matthewguyiii (at) or find me on the CGS forums under mguy1977 to share your feedback if you wish.  So I hope you find this column of enjoyable after reading it from start to finish.


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