The Origins  

The Raging Bulleteers – One day, two men decide to do a podcast. Their podcast spreads and takes in the lives of a select few people. They are all on the CGS forum one day, and the combined might of these people generates a portal into a Earth much like their own, but they discover they have powers. These men and women use their powers to... rant on and on about how Hawkman is the greatest hero and how Creeper is an on the fence title for the-oh, they also fight evil occasionally as the.. 



Sean "Dr. Norge” Whalen – The Leader and Founder of Raging Bullets. Has three personae. Sean Whalen, comic book fan. Hawk-Sean, warrior of Thanagar who has been retconned... but never truly duplicated. And we have the villainous Dr. Norge, who lured Jim Seguilin into comics, but was destroyed by the What-Not powers.

COMMENTARY: This just stems from the fact that Dr. Norge sounds so similar to Dr. No, and I just saw Casino Royale... also Dr. Norge will play a separate role later on... 

Jim “Sensei of the What-Not” Seguilin – One of the few remaining practitioners in the What-Not Arts, Jim was drawn in by the evil Dr. Norge to his layer of comics. Dr. Norge planned on taking the Sensei's wallets and What-Not powers, which are contained in the What-Not ring. Dr. Norge failed however, and Jim managed to separate Sean from Dr. Norge. Sean and Jim continued as a partnership of comic fellows, reading, reviewing and ranting when they saw fit. The What-Not master's powers allowed for great conversation, with his perfect “dictation.” The Sensei's one weakness is bridges. These wonders of architectural brilliance can be admired by the Sensei, but he cannot cross them, for his What-Not powers will not allow that. 

Brent “KnightwingBK” Kossina – The Audio Commenter Supreme of the RB podcast, Brent uses his powers to fight for the lives of the comics he loves. He also happens to be a charming ladies-man ala Dick Grayson. His quest for the preservation of comics and for equaling Nightwing's lady count leads him to Raging Bullets, where his keen intellect and gymnastic athleticism allow him to serve humanity... and geekdom. 

Matthew Guy – The Excelsior Knight of Raging Bullets. Matthew was born with a few physical setbacks, but his belief in comics, and particularly Superman, led him to an incredible event. One night, while reading the latest Action Comics, the Spirit of El appeared. The Spirit of El was the keeper of the flame for all things Superman. Matthew had been chosen... by simply uttering the word “Kal-El”, Matthew transformed into a being who had superhuman strength and speed, flight, invulnerability, heat-vision, x-ray and telescopic visions and super breath... the powers of the House of El. Matthew's passion for Kal-El led him to do things that can simply be described as... Super! When not saving the day, Matthew is assisting the Co-Captains of the Society, with encouragement and the ideas of “Infinite Possibilities.” He also has finally found a use for the glasses he's been wearing, plus the Super kiss comes in REEAAAAL handy! 

Raph “The Madness” Soohoo (Yes I reveal my last name finally. Yes, it rhymes with Yoohoo. No, it's not a fake last name!) While perusing the comic book landscape online, Raph discovered the phenomenon of Podcasting. Raph downloads a DC Comics podcast called Raging Bullets, and the rest is history. His column for the show captivated all who saw it. When the Bulleteers made their way to this new Earth-1, Raph was the first to ask for powers.... but he wasn't the first to get them. Y'see, Matt's a HUGE Superman fan so he got to be Superman, Sean beat Raph's head in with a mace to get to Hawkman's powers, and the Sensei's superior What-Not powers blasted Raph a few miles in the other direction. So what powers did Raph get? Well.. he can fly, he has strength, he's got a katana, and he can SHAMLESSLY PROMOTE ANYTHING TO DEATH!!! Eardrums will shatter as Raph targets his enemies and forces them to read his column! The powers mean a lot to Raph, but it's the comics love that keeps him, and the rest of the Bulleteers, fighting the good fight! 

Juan/Weitall – As the official Robin fan of the Bulleteers, Weitall's powers of deduction, crime fighting and the ability to wear yellow without looking like a sissy increased. As a student at John Jay, Juan has an extensive knowledge of the criminal mind as is, but he is now truly a detective in the tradition of Batman, Robin, Question and ... someone else who's a detective that I haven't mentioned... 

Doug/Dougtron 3030 – Dough came to this new Earth-1 with one thing in mind: non-sequitur humor. Doug entered the Superpowertron and exited with the ability to teleport, talk to the writer and scream out 52! Doug is very effective in battle, when he isn't distracted by the Gerbil of Interference. The Gerbil.., which constantly fights with Cheeks, the Toy Wonder. Cheeks... beware!! What was that? Dude, I only know Ambush Bug from 52... you want me to make you the most bad ass out of all the team?? C'mon man I can't do that, what about the others?? Listen, I'm gonna take this "talking to the writer" power out if you aren't going to cooperate... Thank You. 

Jeff "Squach" Greiner (the often on the show mispronounced last name, like grinder only without the "d") Jeff reached Earth-1 and discovered a GL ring on his hand. With it, Jeff has used his Kyle Rayner-like imagination to summon forth many constructs to help in his battle against evil, but specifically he references Dungeons and Dragons like he does on his wonderful D&D podcast. (Yes, I shamelessly promoted someone else's podcast in my own story... it's my story though, so as Custer said to the Indians “Nanny Nanny boo boo, stick your head in doo doo.”) 

PAYBACK-SXE: Mutha$#$#^%^% you must not know who I am, I'm PAYBACK $#^^^$$@#$!! That is the battle cry of the walking tank of the Bulleteers, PAYBACK. For some reason, Marvel Universe powers were available and PAYBACK chose to be the Juggernaut. I'm hoping to God Marvel doesn't sue this New Earth-1... Unstoppable, except by lawyers, Undefeated, except by copyright litigations... it is PAYBACK TIME for those who would harm the innocent. 

And of course we have our special branch of the Society, No.. they're not sidekicks.. they're the Legion of Teen Bulleteers! 

Steve C/Esteban89: Steve became the 2nd columnist on Raging Bullets, and he was welcomed... just as the portal opened and everyone was sucked in. Steve's powers include those of Cosmic Boy. He also sells guitars, and if you think they're defective, he'll smash one over your head to prove they aren't. Ouch. 

Vida/Vidara: When Vida landed on this New Earth-1, she landed in the familiar emerald garb of the Green Arrow. After the rest of the Bulleteers spent an hour trying to calm her archery-obsessed fangirl  geekery, she learned that she could shoot arrows rapidly, and that her quiver was bottomless. Of course, that wasn't all. Her extreme emotions led to a schism within her, causing two personalities to inhabit her body. Vida, the calm rational one and Vidara the manic, ranting lunatic fangirl... which doesn't make her different from Sean or Matthew or Raph... we're all frothing saliva at the mouth when we rant... With only the weakness of massive credit card debt (just because the quiver is bottomless doesn't mean it's free!) and city crosswalks Vida fights crime with her keen eye and diminutive height... in the suburbs. YOU try getting her to come to the city, sheesh. But with her dual personalities, you never quite know whose side she's on... unlike Civil War... dude we all wanna see Cap kick Iron Man's snobby, pansy ASS! 

And thus, our story will begin next time with our heroes Sean and Jim... of ANOTHER WORLD?!?