Crisis on Infinite Bullets

Part 1:The End of Days... and Dick Grayson 

      Greetings mortals! I am the Observer.. the weak analogue for Marvel's Watcher, and I am come to you to bear witness! Harken to me and such and stuff, for I shall tell you a tale of woe, madness... and WHAT-NOT!!!! 

      The world you live in is but one of many. There is an infinitum of universes. Those who call yourselves Bulleteers... you exist on another world, on many worlds. They are all monitored by... well, the Monitor. He is an ambitious, out going man. On your Earth he lives as one of you. You know him as, Dan Didio! You may have heard his speech a few months back on how Nightwing was supposed to die in Infinite Crisis... well, there is an untold story. One that will shock and amaze you! That is what we call... CRISIS ON INFINITE BULLETS!!! 

      Our tale begins in the Monitor's Transexistensial Multiversal Pod... his office at DC. Didio has a portal open to the Multivese. He is particularly upset at certain people's posts on the message boards asking for his head after he said he wanted Nightwing dead. “Damn fanboys,” he mutters to himself, “wish I could fix them but GOOD!” A light shines on his head, “I'll just take it out on one of the Multiverses!” Didio comes to focus on a planet. It is much like ours, except it's people have undergone an interesting genetic change... 

      On this planet, there are men and women... But there are also millions of Dick Graysons running around! That's right folks, Nightwing gets his own gender designation. The men of this planet are especially unhappy, as the Graysons have wooed and courted all the fair maidens on the planet! Didio looked over this planet with glee, "This world will pay for the fanboys' insolence." He extends his hand out into the portal.... 

      Sean and Jim were enjoying the time with the rest of the Bulleteers. They were meeting at the first official Raging Bullets Con. Everyone was talking about how much they enjoyed  the con... And then the ground shook... 

      The world was rumbling as the seas boiled. The Nightwing squadron got together to figure out a plan. The Bulleteers helped to calm the others. Heroes needn't have powers to be heroes, unless you want a show that draws millions.


      As the Nightwings get together to face their enemy. The Bulleteers show up also. A dark energy appears in front of the Nightwings. Didio appears, but he looks different. Sinister. It is not our Dan Didio, it is the Anti-Didio!!! He looks over at the Bulleteers and shoots blasts. Many a Bulleteer fall... Sean and Jim are forced to watch all of their loyal supporters die. The Nightwings try to battle Didio, only to die by the dozens. The remaining Nightwing grabs Sean and Jim as Dark Didio teleports ordering his crew to "head to base on Earth 52!"


      The world explodes and collapses around Nightwing and the Last Bulleteers. They reach the base of the Oracle, who is clutching her baby. She puts the child on the ship. Sean and Jim are in shock. They've lost everything. Nightwing tells them they are going to escape to another planet for backup. Suddenly, a dark glow surrounds the Raging Bulleteers. They tell Nightwing that they have no intention to go to any other planet but Earth 52. Sean and Jim blast the Last Nightwing. Oracle tries to flee, but they blast her wheelchair... They take the ship and use their newfound powers to activate a Hypertime gate. They fly the ship through, as Earth Prime explodes. Jim turns to Sean and ask him where they're going. Sean replies, “52”. To which Jim says, “Out. STANDING!” 

      On our Earth, Sean and Jim wake up with sweat on their faces. "What a bizarre dream", they think to themselves... 


The Bulleteers proceed with their normal lives, but little do they know, an enemy lurks in the shadows. An enemy with... plans for DISASTER!! 

Tune in next time, same Buh-GUYH time, same Buh-GUYH place.