Ok, just who are these guys??? (Work in progress. )

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Sean Whelan (a.k.a. DrNorge)

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     I've been a comic book fan my whole life. Basically it started with the 60's Batman Show reruns, Superfriends Cartoons and the 60's Spider-man cartoon.  The first comics I remember latching on to were issue of Batman, the Treasury Editions featuring Batman and the Hulk, and Superman vs. Ali, and issues of Marvel Team Up. 

     This continued during most of my childhood where I read Justice League, Brave and the Bold, and Claremont's Uncanny X-men.  During all this, I remained interested in the whole Batman Family.

     Dark Knight Returns came out when I was in high school and DC was publishing some amazing work.  I started to read more and more of their product. I enjoyed Byrne's revamp of Superman and Perez's work on Wonder Woman. Mike Grell also drew me in to the character of Green Arrow. (More to come)

My friend Curt and I in front of the Batcave from the 60's show. We are blurry but the cave is not and that is truly what is important.

My wife, Mariah, who is truly a saint for supporting the show and my comic book hobby.

Jim Segulin (A.K.A. Sensei of the Whatnot)

The good Sensei is the second from the left.

I want to thank Jim's brother Bill for the donation of our first image of Jim. He is the third from the left.

I started collecting comics back in the 80ís and took some time off due to a lack of funds. Back then I was exclusively Marvel with an emphasis on the various X-Men titles.

While in college I had a friend who was a die hard DC fan and he introduced me to several titles as well as some of the mega stories, i.e. Death of Superman, Batmanís Knight Fall and Green Lanternís Parallax.

However, after college I once again stopped collecting but always remained interested in the super hero genre and enjoyed watching the various cartoons and/or movies.

For me one of the most important parts of a good hero story is an equally strong villain. I have always hated when the heroes wins because the villain did something stupid. I also would like to see an occasional villain win at the end of the story arc. Of course Iím not sure if this would ever happen because the comic is named after the hero not the villain but I would still like to see it once in a blue moon.




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