October 2007 Top Bullets

5. Death of the New Gods. - With the feel of another Identity Crisis looming this series is heating up with every issue.

4. Countdown to Final Crisis - We have reached the half way mark, and a war has been declared. This series is getting better and better with every issue.

3. 52 the covers - It's so rare for comic book fans to get the chance to see the process and insight of an artist at work. Especially that of a cover artist. But this book is something special. A top rate book showing a true master at work.

2. Countdown to Adventure - The Space heroes from 52 have come home safe and sound. But now their being hunted by the people they thought they would be safe with. A series which is really picking up momentum. A must read for any 52 fan.

1. Sinestro War - Lets sum it up as simple as this. Ion VS Superman Prime. Its coming and its going to kick some series butt.