September Top Bullets

5) Booster gold. A fun title full of comical moments, and offering a tone of action. With a deepening mystery developing this spin off from 52 is an awesome hit. Philly C 

4) Countdown From week to week this booking is quickly reaching the same enjoyment level that fifity two did last year.  

3) Green Arrow Black Cannery Wedding Special. A true rollercoaster of a comic from start to finish. This book had everything in it that I had been hoping for. Comedy, romance, action and …Snapper Carr. Well three out of four wasn’t bad was it. Andrew King 

2) The Sinestro War. Now with the introduction of the one shot books giving us an in-depth look at certain aspects of this war the Sinestro Corp simply continues to be one of the greatest cross over stories ever created. David Wallace 

1) J.S.A Kingdom Come. I remember when Kal-El was the last son of Krypton. Now He’s got a cousin a dog and two multiverse copies inhabiting one universe. Please, please, please Johns let these two men have a run in. I know Superman doesn’t belong to the J.S.A but can you imagine the meeting. Especially if Lois is there.