May Top Bullets

These 2 are together sice the "lightning sagA" just has ultra
geekout moments. Enjoying the JSA a littl more since the writing
seems to be tighter and asier to follow. Chad "unknown_Fanboy" Burdette

2. The Flash-  Guggenheim has really turned this title around and kicked it
into high gear.  This is what I hoped The Flash relaunch would be like!

3. Checkmate/Outsiders - I had a lot of expectations for JLA/JSA, but none
for Checkmate/Outsiders, and what I've gotten to this point has been an
exciting action packed story that just hasn't stopped delivering.  Checkmate
has now blackmailed the Outsiders and Shadowpact into working for them.
Who's next?  Jason Page

4. Countdown = I was concerned that countdown wasn't going to bring me into
the comic shop with the same level of enthusiasm that 52 did, and even
though this is certainly a different series than 52 it's action oriented
story has pulled me in from the start.

5. Batman- This is the best Batman story arch in a while.  The imposter
Batmen and the black case really have me intrigued.