March Top Bullets

1) Justice Society Of America - I'm all about the retro right now and no
one does it better than this book.  I was a hard core All-Star Squadron fan
from before so seeing the names of the past characters coming back to life
like Mr. America rocks.  It also helps that I was a Damage fan and seeing
that in the life of a hero, there are repercussions and pain really brought
it home.  Steven

2) 52 - Issue 47, just a great issue with so many plot lines starting to
come together.  Once again I can't wait until next week.  Jason Page
darthdad, on the forum

3) Brave And The Bold - a complete impulse buy, this comic book has got me
going already.  Perez is the main star, but great writing and dialogue and
interesting takes on the relationships between Green Lantern and Supergirl
make this a keeper

4) Justice League Of America I've never seen someone go through so much pain
to become human than red tornado an excellent story well crafted and
executed my DC's main star Mr Brad Meltzer. Chris Wake

5) Manhunter 29 - I started reading this show because of Sean and Jim, but
I'm sticking around for the great story telling.  Glad to hear that next
month won't be the end, and I'm fascinated to see how these events are going
to pan out in Amazons Attack.