June Top Bullets

5} Countdown-As the dust from 52 settles ts nce to see countdown start to buld steam. I'm now loving the crossovers from the other books also giving us a real sense of the world were reading. - Dark warrior

4) Checkmate/Outsiders Once again JLA/JSA had more hype but this crossover just continues to thrill. These are both alot of fun, and I'm as excited as JIm to see Egg Fu back

3) Justice League Of America #10 - okay this has to be one of the best comics I've read in a long while. I've really been enjoying the Lightning Saga and didn't think they could make me want anymore (the Batman/Karate Kid fight being one of the best fights in a long while, pure fun). When Batman saw the Crisis moment of the Flash and Green lantern seeing The Flash's origin, I was blown away, only to be overjoyed for the return of Wally and the sentimental spirit of Jay, Hal and Roy. Not to stop there, that slight moment when Batman realized he was wrong, a slight vulnerability to a character not known for being humble, and a snall amount of emotion of hope for a character that he wants back in their lives. It was beautiful. sheer beauty. Steven Jackson

2) Sinestro Corp Special - This may have been the best one-shot I have ever read. The art was outstanding and the story never stopped delivering. The final page is still making my jaw drop. While Countdown and Amazons attack have been somewhat disappointing this has been nothing short of...OUTSTANDING! Jason Page

1) Flash #13- A fitting end. Bart went out like a real hero. This title was really growing on me, and I'm sorry to see it go, but at the same time I'm pumped for Wally's return! Johnny M