July Top Bullets

5) Batman: The issue number says it all, and I love Barbara Gordon as the
commissioner and Alfred the Cat.  Just a cool wierd alternative future that
I absolutely ate up. Jason Page

4)Countdown: Is there a greater team in the DCU than Piper and Trickster.
Because if there is I dont want to know about it. Phil C

3) Birds of Prey. As Gails run draws to its end its great to look back and
see all the great thing she has done for us over these last few years. Just
to name a few, Sin, Lady Sheva replacing Black canery and all the comedy
that came with it. And such emotional things as Oracles twitching toe. Thank
you Gail. David Wallace.

2) JSA: Wow what a great story.  Geoff Hohns comes back from the lightning
saga and the sinestro corp special and delivers this gem.  Any comic that
has superman eating a sloppy joe is tops in my book

1) Sinestro War titles- I'm loving this story and can't wait to see where
its going and how it ties into Countdown. Johnny M