April Top Bullets

Ello again. Its that time of the month again so behold the best of the best of April.

1. Justice Society of America- When this book was getting cancelled, i wanted to cry, but now there's only tears of joy because this is the best book DC is putting out right now. - Starlegionbrainy

2. 52 - Even if the only great moment we had in the series this month was of Billy changing Black Adam's magic word that would be enough to put it in the top 5, but there were so many more. Can't wait til the big conclusion next month. Jason Page

3. JLA- I was never a big Red Tornado fan. I am now! Johnny M Long Island

4. Nightwing Annual - I've been waiting a very long time for this. And it did not disappoint. I absolutely love this story, it's one of the greatest Nightwing stories ever. Hands down. Raphael Soohoo

5 we have a tie Robin - consistently good book. Jeff Squach Teen Titans #45 (The last page was amazing, I'm calling for An All New Titans book to replace the Outsiders) Jay Thornton

Just thought id also add a choice of my own hear for you guys. Hands down the book of the month for me had to be 52 issue 51. You know a books working on a emotional level when you physically cant turn the page. That's right I thought Ellen baker was going to be next for the chop but thank god. Anyway as always keep up the good work