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"The Funny Pages Aint So Funny Anymore" is a regularly updated column by Omri. We welcome him as a new regular contributer to the site.

Hello everyone, welcome to the my brand new column, "The Funnies Ain't So Funny Anymore." There are plenty of columns and forums out there ranking or grading comics out there; this is not one of them. There are plenty of columns and podcasts out there reviewing new issues as they come out; this is not one of those either. Nor is it a vintage look at old classics or a research into events and origins that preceded a certain event or person. The main point of this column is to have a look at certain dc books that have a degree of merit to them. Beyond funny for the sake of being funny, beyond dramatic for the sole purpose of hooking readers, this is an exploration into the social commentary and political criticism that good writers put in their stories. Some of these are so obvious it hits you in the head (take Alan Moore for example,) some are cunningly concealed (think Warren Ellis), some are a lone flashlight in the dark (an odd issue of Joe Kelly here and there,) while some are so deeply concealed that even the writer didn't realize it was there. So, how does this work? Every new column I go to my longbox and pick up a random issue that has some moral value or reflects society in any discussable way, and off we go! And of course, suggestions and feedback are always welcome at the forum.


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